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Developing the total virtual logistics for your Business information needs.

Hyve Logistics provide you with the turn-key for your virtual logistical needs from data processing, storage and management.

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Hyve logistics is a strategic information technology unit of Hyve Management Systems. We provide turn-key I.T solutions in the range of information management, processing, movement, storage and deployment. 

Analytics, Logistics & Spend Management Services

To achieve your bottom-line objectives in the areas of procurement, analytics and information technology, we combine our distinct expertise to a Combo-Solution to provide sustainable deliverables while obtaining value for money. 

The virtual logistic Unit of Hyve Management Systems

'The Virtual Men'

We leverage on our passions and skills sets to integrate, synchronize and manage
critical data for our client decision-making


Data Identification

Data Extraction



Data Deployment


Website Development
WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT We develop innovative websites that seamlessly connect people and their goals. Modern web design & development, mobile optimization, and data-driven insights empower us to help businesses across the world reach their audiences, increase conversions, and grow their bottom line.
APP Development
APP DEVELOPMENT We’re a team of engineers, designers, and strategists who help companies pivot to the future. We don’t build software for the sake of building software. We build it to solve your business problems. We save you time and money with custom software, web design & Development services that are tailored for your unique goals.
Enterprise Networking
ENTERPRISE NETWORKING Present your content in an attractive Circle layout item 3. You can highlight key information with click or hover effects and style it as per your preference.
Software Management
Server management
SERVER MANAGEMENT Hyve virtual logistics is one such server management service provider that can be your one-stop-shop for all your needs. We have some of the most experienced and talented server management experts on board who can cater to all your needs. We leverage the latest server management tools while delivering top-notch services.
IT PROJECT MGT. & CONSULTING This implies engaging third-party experts to plan and oversee IT projects to complete them faster and in line with business requirements. Hyve virtual logistics offers project management consulting services to help you deliver IT initiatives of the highest quality.

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CX Window

The convergence of multiple feedback channels to generate substantial data and intelligence for organizations to drive excellent customer service is critical.


Is an online point-of-sales management system designed to provide a platform for transport service providers to manage and improve customer service.


The cost of sourcing can affect the price of an item or service because of the geographical locations of suppliers and service providers. Therefore, the need to connect buyers to suppliers in a seamless manner whiles they get competitive offers, and takes away stress.


Many Academic works are potential source of great idea that can change the world or solve a problem in our community. We have provided the digital and crystal storage vault that stores all the intelligent academic work and canvas them for business opportunities